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Huge update to my theme. I'm saying it's a .1 update but nearly all the images have been updated and everything else has been reworked. MCP is now in working order with a inspector variant.

This is a beta test of a new Reaper theme that has only been tested on Windows 10 at a resolution of 3840 x 1600.

The theme is a blend of Reaper, Ableton, Photoshop, and modern UI design, with a focus on minimalism.

To access the theme, you'll need to sign up for the creator's irregular newsletter.

** Please note that there is no official customer support for this theme. However, you can leave a comment and suggest improvements on the forum thread. If you provide clear suggestions, they may be included in future updates. :)

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I want this!

Reaper Theme

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Reaper Theme _ theFRXST

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I want this!